Which Platform is Better for Investors: Finviz or TradingView?

Finviz and TradingView are two of the most popular stock analysis platforms available today. Both offer excellent value for money, but which one is better for investors? Finviz has an excellent free service, while TradingView's Pro+ plan is 30% cheaper than the Finviz Elite plan. The free stock analysis software, TradingView Basic, is quite robust and offers graphics and screens with real-time data. When it comes to pattern recognition, both Finviz and TradingView offer robust implementations. However, the kings of automated pattern recognition by AI are Trade Ideas, TrendSpider and Tickeron, which lead the industry.

TradingView has full integration with brokers, so you can trade directly from the charts, but Finviz doesn't have any broker integration. TradingView supports 27 different high-quality brokers, which means tight integration so you can trade directly from charts and see your profits and losses directly on TradingView. The user experience is a major factor when choosing between Finviz and TradingView. The Finviz interface is old-fashioned, while the TradingView user experience is completely smooth and it's a dream to use. Finviz makes it easy to view large amounts of general financial data and the analyzer is easy to use, but the core components of Finviz don't work together.

TradingView surpasses Finviz in social operations and in the community's ideas, indicators and scripts in terms of backtesting, since Finviz offers nothing in this area. TradingView offers exceptional backtesting for systems and strategies with infinite flexibility, while Finviz's backtesting is not intuitive, restrictive and lacks usable reports. TradingView was built with social media as a priority and is the best thing for sharing and learning on social networks; forget StockTwits, TradingView is the best. When it comes to financial news sources, both Finviz and TradingView offer a similar service since they both collect news from the major media. The vast majority of these investors and operators use FINVIZ for free; only the most serious find value in upgrading to FINVIZ Elite. When choosing between TradingView and FInviz, it's important to consider all factors.

TradingView might be the best choice for most traders since it offers full broker integration, a smooth user experience, powerful backtesting capabilities, exceptional social media features and access to financial news sources. On the other hand, Finviz offers an excellent free service with large amounts of general financial data that can be easily accessed.

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