Which Platform Has the Best Customer Support: Finviz or TradingView?

For most traders, TradingView is a better option than FInviz. The two services have comparable prices, but TradingView offers much more detailed charting functions and a more customizable stock analyzer. Equally important is the TradingView community, which gives you access to custom trading ideas and indicators that you can incorporate into your analysis. However, FInviz has a larger stock database with more than 7,000 shares compared to more than 5,000 on TradingView.

If neither FInviz nor TradingView offer exactly what you need, it's worth taking a look at StockCharts. Finviz makes it easy to view large amounts of general financial data and the analyzer is easy to use, but the core components of Finviz don't work together. FInviz also has a fairly large indicator library, but the charts are much less interactive compared to those of TradingView, one of the main consequences of the fact that FInviz has only received minor updates since its launch. TradingView has full integration with brokers, so you can trade directly from the charts, but Finviz doesn't have any broker integration. While what FInviz offers is good, it's TradingView that has the best when it comes to charting tools.

This review will familiarize you with the corresponding features and costs of each of these trading tools to help you make the best decision between Finviz and TradingView. Both FInviz and TradingView are powerful platforms with a lot to offer when it comes to scanning and creating stock charts. Both Finviz and TradingView offer robust implementations of pattern recognition; the kings of automated pattern recognition by AI are Trade Ideas, TrendSpider and Tickeron, which lead the industry. The Finviz interface is outdated, while the TradingView user experience is completely smooth and it's a dream to use. If you're looking for a comprehensive platform that can manage charting, evaluation and the generation of trading ideas, you've probably found FInviz and TradingView.

TradingView surpasses Finviz in social operations and in the community's ideas, indicators and scripts in terms of backtesting, since Finviz offers nothing in this area. Many investors consider an online market information platform such as TradingView or Finviz to be an essential tool for trading. I think that Finviz and TradingView offer a similar service when it comes to financial news sources, since they both collect news from the major media. TradingView is a powerful stock, currency and cryptocurrency trading platform, and Finviz is extremely fast and easy to use. TradingView offers exceptional backtesting for systems and strategies with infinite flexibility, while Finviz's backtesting is not intuitive, restrictive and lacks usable reports. In conclusion, when it comes to customer support, TradingView is clearly the better option than FInviz.

It provides more detailed charting functions as well as a customizable stock analyzer. Additionally, its community gives access to custom trading ideas and indicators that can be incorporated into your analysis. On top of that, its backtesting capabilities are far superior to those offered by FInviz.

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