Which Platform is Best for Trading Futures: FInviz or TradingView?

When it comes to trading futures, investors have two main options: FInviz and TradingView. Both platforms offer access to data from the futures, currency and cryptocurrency markets, and both have comparable prices. However, there are some key differences between the two that make one a better choice for certain types of traders. The first difference is that TradingView allows users to connect a brokerage account to trade directly from its charts, while FInviz does not support broker integrations.

This makes TradingView the better choice for those who want to trade Forex and cryptocurrencies, as it provides more charts and technical analysis tools. Another difference is the user interface design. FInviz has only received minor updates since its launch, so its charts are much less interactive than those of TradingView. This makes TradingView the better choice for intraday traders who need a more comprehensive platform for charting, evaluation and generating trading ideas.

FInviz has a fairly large indicator library, but it doesn't offer the same level of customization as TradingView. If neither FInviz nor TradingView offer exactly what you need, it's worth taking a look at StockCharts or other alternatives listed on Slashdot. Overall, when choosing between TradingView and FInviz, TradingView is likely the best choice for most traders.

Alonzo Mayne
Alonzo Mayne

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