Which Platform is Best for Charting: Finviz or TradingView?

TradingView is the clear winner when it comes to charting, trading, community, backtesting, and usability. It outperforms Finviz in almost every aspect, offering more detailed charting functions and a more customizable stock analyzer. Additionally, the TradingView community provides access to custom trading ideas and indicators that can be incorporated into analysis. Finviz Elite, on the other hand, excels in fundamental evaluation and information on insider trading.

The two services have similar prices, but TradingView offers more features. Currently, TradingView has about 208 thousand monthly Internet searches compared to just 71 thousand for Finviz. If neither FInviz nor TradingView offer exactly what you need, StockCharts is worth considering. When choosing between TradingView and FInviz, TradingView is likely the best choice for most traders.

The TradingView Screener also offers decent filters with an intuitive design and easy-to-use results on the Finviz site. FInviz has a large indicator library, but its charts are much less interactive than those of TradingView due to its lack of updates since launch. FInviz and TradingView are both comprehensive platforms that can manage charting, evaluation and generating business ideas. They are broadly comparable in terms of price, although TradingView offers several subscription levels.

For stock investors who need stock evaluators to save time on investment research, both Finviz Elite and TradingView are good options. However, their user interface design isn't ideal for intraday trading.

Alonzo Mayne
Alonzo Mayne

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