Which Platform Has More Customization Options: FInviz or TradingView?

For most traders, TradingView is a better option than FInviz. The two services have comparable prices, but TradingView offers much more detailed charting functions and a more customizable stock analyzer. Equally important is the TradingView community, which gives you access to custom trading ideas and indicators that you can incorporate into your analysis. Most traders may prefer TradingView to FInviz when deciding between the two.

TradingView provides traders with an impressive selection of tools that they can use to make informed trading decisions. These tools include a more robust value filter that is highly customizable and a greater depth of graphing functions. Additionally, the platform's active trading community gives you access to custom trading concepts and indicators that you can use in your analysis. On the other hand, FInviz has fewer tools to worry about, which makes it relatively simple to learn. So if you're just starting out, it might be the right choice for you.

If you're interested in a more detailed review, check out this modestmoney article between FInviz and TradingView. FInviz also has a fairly large indicator library, but the charts are much less interactive compared to those of TradingView, one of the main consequences of the fact that FInviz has only received minor updates since its launch. However, FInviz and TradingView have different strengths when it comes to finding trading opportunities. The first thing to know about FInviz and TradingView is that both platforms can be used for more than just stock analysis. TradingView only starts to approach the amount provided by FInviz when it uses its most expensive plan.

If neither FInviz nor TradingView offer exactly what you need, it's worth taking a look at StockCharts. Both FInviz and TradingView are powerful platforms with a lot to offer when it comes to scanning and creating stock charts. FInviz and TradingView are broadly comparable in terms of price, although TradingView offers several subscription levels. Another important difference between the two platforms is that TradingView allows you to connect a brokerage account to trade directly from its charts, while FInviz does not support broker integrations. If you're looking for a comprehensive platform that can manage charting, evaluation and the generation of trading ideas, you've probably found FInviz and TradingView.

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