Which Platform is Easier to Use: Finviz or TradingView?

TradingView is widely regarded as the top stock analysis and trading software, suitable for both novice and experienced traders. It provides dynamic community support, excellent graphics, backtesting, scanning and analysis worldwide. Finviz is also a great choice for those looking for simple and free detection software. When it comes to selecting between the two, TradingView is the better option for most traders.

Both services have comparable prices, but TradingView offers more comprehensive charting functions and a more customizable stock analyzer. Additionally, the TradingView community provides access to custom trading ideas and indicators that can be incorporated into your analysis. Finviz does not offer a chat room, but TradingView has done the work in this regard. FInviz and TradingView are both powerful platforms with a lot to offer when it comes to scanning and creating stock charts.

FInviz has a fairly large indicator library, but the charts are much less interactive compared to those of TradingView. Finviz also offers more tracking than TradingView at both a free and comparable paid level. TradingView only starts to approach the amount provided by FInviz when it uses its most expensive plan. The parameter count offered by Finviz stands at 65, while in the case of TradingView it is 100; more combinations can be obtained in Finviz.

Another important difference between the two platforms is that TradingView allows you to connect a brokerage account to trade directly from its charts, while FInviz does not support broker integrations. In conclusion, if you're looking for an all-in-one platform that can manage charting, evaluation and the generation of trading ideas, you've likely come across FInviz and TradingView. For most traders, TradingView is the better option due to its more detailed charting functions, customizable stock analyzer, access to custom trading ideas and indicators, and ability to connect a brokerage account. If neither FInviz nor TradingView offer exactly what you need, it's worth taking a look at StockCharts.

Alonzo Mayne
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