FINVIZ Screener: A Comprehensive Guide to Cost and Features

Are you looking for a powerful stock analyzer to help you make more informed decisions? FINVIZ is the perfect choice for swing traders, offering a wide selection of fundamental and technical criteria, real-time quotes, charts, backtesting, pre-market data and email alerts. In this article, we'll explore the features of FINVIZ and how much it costs to use the FINVIZ Elite version.FINVIZ stands for Financial Visualizations, which is a reference to the unique and compelling way in which it presents information. With FINVIZ, users can access the stock chart by simply hovering the mouse over the stock symbol on the screen. In addition to the hundreds of metrics that Zacks provides, one of its key features is the ability for users to enter their own segmentation criteria.

You can enter a custom value or range as a filter, giving you more opportunities to get accurate analysis results.The majority of investors and operators use FINVIZ for free; only the most serious find value in upgrading to FINVIZ Elite. This is not due to the lack of features of FINVIZ Elite, but rather a testament to the powerful range of features available in the free version of FINVIZ. So what does FINVIZ Elite offer that makes it worth upgrading?

FINVIZ Elite Features

FINVIZ Elite offers a range of features that make it an invaluable tool for serious traders. These include:
  • Real-time quotes: Get real-time quotes on stocks and other financial instruments.
  • Advanced visualizations: Create custom charts and graphs with advanced visualizations.
  • Backtesting: Test your strategies with backtesting tools.
  • Pre-market data: Get access to pre-market data before the markets open.
  • Email alerts: Set up email alerts for when certain conditions are met.

How Much Does FINVIZ Elite Cost?

FINVIZ Elite is available for $24.95 per month or $299.95 per year.

This is a great value considering all of the features that are included in the package. The annual subscription also includes access to all of the premium features for one year.


FINVIZ is an excellent choice for swing traders who want access to powerful tools and real-time quotes. The free version offers plenty of features, but serious traders may want to consider upgrading to FINVIZ Elite for access to advanced visualizations, backtesting tools, pre-market data and email alerts. The annual subscription is an excellent value at $299.95 per year.

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